Swing Speed

Like everything around us, the golf swing can be boiled down into simple physics. The only way to produce a force is to have something to push against. Softer and more absorbent materials are not as efficient in force transfer. This phenomenon occurs in the golf swing when your feet apply force to the ground. This force is met with an opposite reaction force that goes up your legs through your body, down the shaft of your club and is applied to the golf ball. The relationship between your feet and the ground is the link in this chain where the most force is lost. Our socks and grip technology ensure there is no wasted energy between your foot and the cleats of your shoes. This optimized force transfer means you can create more power and higher swing speeds. That means more wins.

Be clutch

We have comfort down to a science.


Plain and simple. When you’re walking down 18 fairway, you will feel the same as you did walking off the first tee. Do you want to be thinking about the blister on your heel when you need to stick something close and birdie 18 to break your personal best? Our socks give you the clutch factor down the stretch that you need to be a winner. If you’re the guy who can’t wait to get to the locker room and take off your shoes, you have a problem - you’re not wearing our socks.

Win on and off the course

Top performers want an edge in every aspect of life. When you start winning on the course with our socks you won’t be able to help but try them everywhere else. Go ahead. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that our socks give you a boost in everything you do.